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Our Family & Fertility Law office is located in North York, ON near the 401 & Leslie Street. In our family law practice, we recognize that many of our clients are going through an emotionally and financially difficult time and they need effective and supportive legal services to enable them to move forward in their lives. As a result, our goal is to offer a creative and practical approach to achieving a resolution in the most efficient, amicable and cost-effective way possible. Our

services include:


In our fertility law practice, we assist those who wish to build their families through assisted reproduction technologies. We help you navigate through the complexities of third party reproduction law in Canada by negotiating and drafting the necessary agreements.  These contracts are prepared to protect the rights of Intended Parents, Egg Donors, Embryo Donors, Sperm Donors, Gestational Carriers and Surrogate Mothers. Our services include:

Spousal Support
Marriage Contracts
Child Support
Property (Equalization)
Separation Agreements
Parenting Agreements
Independent Legal Advice
Cohabitation Agreements
Surrogacy Agreements
Embryo Donation Agreements
Egg Donor Agreements
Sperm Donor Agreements
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